#1 Lash Adhesive 10ml

#1 Lash Adhesive 10ml

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#1 Bulletproof Eyelash Adhesive

Bulletproof Lashes claim to fame! We can’t tell you how many people have tried our #1 Eyelash Extension Adhesive and have never looked back!

Bulletproof #1 Adhesive formula was throughly trialled and tested to ensure the key elements met every standard and beyond.

The consistency of this Glue is one we are super proud of and believe it is the absolute perfect viscosity, we have been using this adhesive in our salon for 7 years and have never found anything else that compares. 

Our #1 Adhesive is extremely long lasting, with retention lasting up to 5-6 weeks and a shelf life of 4 months (unopened). It is super adaptable to any circumstances but works best in temperatures between 18-25 degrees celsius and humidity levels between 50-60%. 

Our #1 Eyelash Adhesive is also suitable for beginner eyelash technicians , as we designed this glue to be an all round bottle of LOVE for all Lash Artists. Works amazing with classic lashes where the glue slides down the natural lash to lock in that lasting hold. 

Volume eyelash technicians who prefer a slower drying time of 3-4 secs will use the #1 adhesive as opposed to our #ULTRAVOLUME adhesive which has a faster drying time designed for more advanced volume artists.

Our #1 Adhesive is the preferred product used in many Eyelash Extension training courses worldwide. Eyelash educators find it is the easiest glue for their students to develop their technique and advance their skills!

Time to try for yourself ! Match this adhesive with a tray of our Ultra Silk 0.15 silk lashes.


Recommend : Classic Lashing , Long Stem Fan Lashing or Volume lashing if a slower drying glue is preferred. 

NOTE: You should only purchase this product if you are a trained professional in Eyelash Extensions.


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