*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03

*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03
*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03
*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03
Product image 1*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03
Product image 2*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03
Product image 3*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.03

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Mega Volume Lashes are the newest innovative trend dominating the eyelash extension industry. They are now being used in many eyelash extension training courses worldwide. For correct application of Mega Volume Lashes you must use extensions no thicker than 0.03.

Bulletproof Lashes have got you covered! Our Ultra Silk 0.03 Mix Lash Trays are 100% handmade to cater to the advanced lash technicians of the world. Our Mega Volume Silks are satin matte black and double heated to hold their beautiful strong Bulletproof Curl. They are laid upon a 2mm sticky strip designed for easy fan making with the length, thickness and curl indicators on each strip making your life easier during a busy day of lashing! 

Our variety of Silk Mix Trays come in 16 rows consisting of the following lengths -  1x 8mm, 2 x 9mm, 2 x 10mm, 3 x 11mm, 3 x 12mm, 3 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm

Available in our Bulletproof Curls - C,CC,D,DD

We highly recommend our #ULTRAVOLUME Lash Adhesive to complement our 0.03 Silk Lashes. We also have a wide range of amazing Volume and Mega Volume tweezers available to suit any technique. 

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