*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05

*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05
*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05
*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05
Product image 1*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05
Product image 2*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05
Product image 3*MIX TRAY* Ultra Silk 0.05

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You will love the Bulletproof Lashes Ultra Silk Mix Trays. They are handmade to perfection! We have dedicated the time to source the best silk material on the market. These 0.05 volume silk lashes are double heated and made to hold their curl giving your clients beautiful lashes for weeks on end. Bulletproof Lashes Ultra Silks are velvet matte black and carefully placed along a 2mm sticky strip for easy volume fan making. We designed our NEW silk lash trays with you and your clients in mind. The length, thickness and curl indicators on each strip will make your life easier during a busy day of lashing ! 

Our variety of Silk Mix trays come in 16 rows consisting of the following lengths -  1x 8mm, 2 x 9mm, 2 x 10mm, 3 x 11mm, 3 x 12mm, 3 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm

Available in our Bulletproof Curls - C,CC,D,DD

The 0.05 volume silk lashes are on-trend overseas and increasing in popularity in Australia and New Zealand. They are used in many of the eyelash extension training courses throughout Europe, the US and South America. 

You will find the Bulletproof Lashes Ultra Silks are best matched with our #ULTRAVOLUME Lash Adhesive and fanned by Bulletproof Lashes famous HAWK volume tweezer!


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