Become a Bulletproof Babe

Bulletproof Babes is our entry level ambassador program, and the most accessible of our ambassador programs, with limited requirements.  The Bulletproof Babes program is perfect for Lash techs who are just starting out in the lash business, and gives you access to product discounts and incentive based perks. 

There is a criteria that must be met by applicants in order to be eligible for the Bulletproof Babes program. Below are the responsibilities and perks of the Bulletproof Babes ambassador program, please read through them carefully prior to applying, to ensure you are eligible and able to meet the below requirements. 

The Perks

  • A discount on all current BPL Products. 
  • A personalised discount code to share on your social media accounts and website for your followers to receive a discount on all current BPL Products. 
  • A small commission on every sale that uses your personalised discount code. 
  • Your very own online Ambassador Account to track your referral sales.
  • Access to our Lash Facebook Forum exclusive to BPL Squad ambassadors only.
  • Bulletproof branded images and material to use on your Instagram, Facebook and/or website.
  • Complimentary promotion on our social media pages and our website.
  • Support and tips from the BPL  team on lashing, products and more.

The Non Negotiable

  • You must own a professional lash business. 
  • You must have an active Instagram profile that is dedicated to the beauty industry.
  • There is a minimum amount of duties required for posting and sharing Bulletproof Lashes on your social media account. (details on this once applied)
  • Allow permission for BPL to repost your photos on our own social media platforms and website.
  • You must be passionate about the BPL brand, and place orders regularly.

Please state in the 'message' section the name of the program you are applying for eg. Bulletproof Babes

Please list your social media pages and/or website.